Tuesday, November 16, 2004

even better

Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Ferret
Super PowerAbility To Fly
EnemyThe Ex-Girlfriend
Mode Of TransportationUnicycle
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Are You Evil? by von_lark
Shoe Size
Favorite Number
You Secretly Think AboutPetting Bunnies
You Think of Yourself AsSomeone Special
You Really AreA Cute Bunny
Your Level of Evil: 32%
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Sunday, November 14, 2004

too bad

all posts have been stopped for now due to a personal issue...
re-activation of this blog will hopefully be in the near future.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

pirate being pirated

well as most of you know my entire computer is made up exclusively pirated software. most notable is windows 2000. well my HD has not been exactly "bootable" for a while now... and i was able to keep going by restarting from safemode into a diskcheck and then to real windows. well now im screwed because now even safemode doesn't work and i don't have a bootable windows disc (or any ms-dos boot floppy for that matter) that will allow me access to both HD's at the same time, so i have no way to backup either one of my hard drives which both have different but equally important or irricoverable data. im making this post on my dads computer which is a souped up x486 (overclocked to 133mhz - UNREAL!) running an unstable windows 95 so im suprised i've gotton this far without the blue screen of death. needless to say that i haven't updated for a while and don't expect so for another week or two.

peace y'all.

Friday, September 24, 2004

fucking windows

Sunday, September 19, 2004


life is kind of crappy right now. depite the fact of some awesome experiences lately-

me, eliot, and his dad, went to a hal-ted electronics sale. i went around eventually getting a 10 year old cell phone, a coaxial cable, an opticle mouse, 2 speakers, and 2 rechargable battery packs, AND AN AWESOME "WHERE'S WALDO" MOUSE PAD!!!, all for about 8 bucks. though i did lose the eeg parts list. We then went to the computer history museum in Mountain View. that was really cool because eliots dad is working on the pdp-1 restoration project there. It was hella funney because all the tour guides kept trying to butt in on Mr. Lash trying to describe the computers to us, and try too extend there "superior" computer historicle computer knowledge. Those tour guides got SCHOOLED!!! It's a beautiful moment when you see a computer museum tour guide get burned with a technical explanation of the programming of an ENIAC panel. Then we ended our visit with a look at the... RESTRICTED!!!... pdp-1 restoration room. it had a key code and all and it was hella sick. And it also got me interested in PDP-1 assembly. it would be kind of cool to make a game of life with the pdp-1's crt and "light -pen"( screen sylus).

but other than that i feel depressed... i don't watch tv, i don't play video games, programming huge project makes me feel overwhelmed and then more depressed, writing this post is the only thing i can think of to do while on the internet. i don't know... I learned the D programming language last week, took like 3 hours. it's a cool language - it feels like a streamlined c++ with java-esque features(can you say automatic memory managemant and no pointers!). the only thing i need to do is to figure out how to link c libraries.

I was talking to mike and dave the other day, there both graduated from high school and i've known them for about 3 years now. we were all just talking through the night. mainly about life and some politics. It sucks for dave because his girlfriend may be pregnant. i knew something was on his mind when he came because he was really restless. We also talked about our experiences with death in the family, and what it has been like for all of us being raised with single parents, and also what it must be like for people we know who lost both their parents.
Needless to say it was a deep and geniously satisfying experience, unfortunately afterwards i still felt depressed.

I don't feel depressed towards any one thing... i can't pin down the source, it's not like it's a problem with my friends, my family, or if i feel so insignifigant. i can't place it anywhere. the only thing i can think of is that my attempts at getting close to a certain girl that i like don't seem to be working. but i don't feel that is it though.

oh well, hmmm...

Saturday, September 04, 2004

School blows, so does my brain.

in case you havn't figured it out yet, school blows, and it blows hard! i'm like fuck!!!

anyways i "took a break" from making that 3d file format and started working on my own version of conways game of life. And guess what... it wasn't fun at all. i spent 2 hours programming some slick ass code thinking that i had it in the bag. I build... compile... and run... and BAM!!! fucking 2000! errors. I was like WTF! well after 4 hours of searching through my fatty ass manual i realize i was using a JAVA function!!! i was like AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! how the hell was i stupid enough to mix c++ and java!!! well. I fixed that and got it to run without errors. yet it still doesn't work!!! it prints out but it looks totally weird!!! and everybody i asked agrees my logic isn't flawed!!!
either way it looks like i spent like 12 hours making a completely useless program... and then school started... what a fuckin way to "take a break" from the boring-ness of making your own fucking file format!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

late to bed, late to rise

first, i had to remove remote linking for all the hosted programs, the links wouldn't work half the time. So for all you lazy asses who are too lazy to use copy and paste into the url field... tough shit.


it's been a long week, i've been doing lots of work, which invariably means i've not been in a human sleep cycle, see... i have now decided to go nocternal (awake hours typically from 6 pm to 9 am). i decided that since i've already got a head start i might as well make a goal that fits a lifestyle i already am having, that way i've already succeeded! as you can see accomplishing my goals is not something i do often.

but what have i been working on u say? well it's mostly about programming, and 3d graphics, and it involves making my own 3d file format and an exporter plugin for milkshape 3d. needless to say it is a lot of work, and im still in the process of designing the file format. i hope to have a simple auto counterstrike model exporter for milkshape working before school is in full session. in case your wondering what to refer to my work as... i've code named it "project BROKEN THROAT" because anything that doesn't have a cool code name automatically becomes just plain stupid. i should have a general spec of how it works in a week so keep your shorts on. in the mean time all you need to know is that it is meant for character models only and has a lot of physics data built in to the model... which means i have to step up on learning ode(a c++ physics API). the simplest but most confusing way to describe it would be realtime physics being applied to a limb yet have the entire model still perform a pre-animated motion at the same time (except for the directly affected limb and the consequently affected adjacent limbs). well, that explanation went better than i thought, it doesn't seem as convoluted as i expected(well at least to me it doesn't).

whoa! i just woke up and look how much i've written. And sorry i havn't updated in the past couple of days.